• Sommaire présentation des membre du groupe de BTS !

    Dans cette rubrique il y a les descriptions de tout les membres du groupe BTS !

    Pour voir la description de :






    -Rap Monster



    Sommaire !

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    Mardi 14 Août 2018 à 21:06

    Could you come to the island of Reunion, please, there is a whole army that loves you please in my school there it is full of army that you love my school is called COLLEGE BASIN BLEU here a Reunion there is a lot of beach scenery beautiful if you could come visit once would be happy is I love music (we speak in french) please come were would be very surprised thank you for your attention we love you bye BTS. ( My name is Lorenza)


      • Laura TaeTae
        Mardi 27 Novembre 2018 à 17:56

        Hey, sorry if do not speak English very well. I'm french. My name is Laura. I have a question : How long have you been army ?

        I'm sorry for the faults. 

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